Tidbit Thursday, 3/13/14

Hello, all!  The weather has finally started to warm up, and I am actually just about to dash off – Brandon Sanderson is in town, and I have a copy of A Memory of Light that needs signing!

The prompt for this week is “Awakening.”  Enjoy!


“What are you?”

“That’s a fairly direct question.  You’re the one who lent me your lap.”

“I didn’t know you were awake.”

“That seems quite obvious, though as to why you’re mistaken… you’ve got weird eyes.”

“You know, the same could be said of you.  About the eyes, I mean.”

Tidbit Thursday, 2/27/14

Hello, all my lovely folks!  The fact that I got my tax return and my paycheck is impeded only by the fact that rent is due in two days.  Bleh.

The prompt for this week is straight from Kate: “Machine.”  Enjoy!


“You’re… asking for my services?”

“Yes.  This surprises you.”

“Ah… not precisely.  You’re an angel.  I got the impression that your kind was more…”

“Mechanical? Emotionless?”

“I was going to say frigid, but that works.”

Tidbit Thursday, 2/20/14

Hello all.  It occurred to me during lunch that I was inhabiting the Puddle.  The population was Omaha.  Snow for rain.  Bleh.

The prompt for this week is “Curse.”  Enjoy!


She held his newborn son and beckoned him closer.  He obeyed, peering in at the swaddled form wrapped in hands and arms and face and love that hadn’t yet to show the changes that the birth would bring.  He was curious.  He’d never been a father before, even when he was mortal and married.

“What should we name him, love?”

He smiled.  Fate loved its little ironies.

After all, when it came to spreading as terrible a curse as immortality, only love would do.

Tidbit Thursday, 2/6/14

Hello, all!  All things progress, as all things must… except when it’s this cold out.  Bleh.

The tidbit for this week is “Unwilling.”  Enjoy!


“You understand what happens if you don’t pick, right?”

He lowered his head, and in the perch where he stood, halfway between death and transcendence, he thought.  Of what was to be gained if he kept fighting, even after his death.  Of what would happen to those he loved if he made his final refusal.  It was that thought which made him smile.

“I understand.  I still decline.”

There was silence, as if waiting for another voice to interject, but nothing came of it.  In moments, he dissolved.  He would never be seen again by anyone in this world.

Tidbit Thursday, 1/23/13

Hello, all you wonderful people!  In recent news, Kate just put the first draft of the third book of the Cinereal Series into my hands for a first read-through and suggestions.  Also in recent news, I still hate adding tags to these posts.

The tidbit for this week is “Dread.” Enjoy!


What was this place?  It was too quiet, too still.  That hush spoke volumes of dread to clench his heart in his chest.  Something slithered under the surface, whispering in soft hisses of what he would like to do, if someone but gave a whisper of a voice to devour.  He wanted to run, but did not know in what direction death did not lie.  He wondered if this was a form of karma, a last wish that those he had trapped and killed with fire had visited back upon him.

Tidbit Thursday, 1/16/14

Howdy, internet folks!  Still trying to get used to the new job, but otherwise, things proceed apace!

This week’s tidbit is “Underworld”.  Enjoy!


Even in those darkest and most dangerous of times, there were still those who fought and struggled. Their magic was weak against the avatars of destruction, and their bodies made of chalk against forms hardened by eternity itself, yet their wills were sharpened by what should have broken them. The choice was laid before them to struggle forward against an invariable, overwhelming tide or to lie down and let it sweep them away.

The people of Underworld are not given to easy deaths. My life has taught me more than enough about that.

- The Red Book, page 47

Tidbit Thursday, 1/9/14

Hello, everyone!  I’ve been busy with both Christmas things and matters of a new job, but it’s Tidbit time again!

Today’s Tidbit is “Blazes.”  Enjoy!


“Where in blazes have you landed us?” To either side, molten rock rippled downward like a staircase, flickers of orange and red burning even in the deepest pools of torment.  If she looked too long, she felt sure that some of those coals were eyes looking back at her.

Her sister grimaced.  “Right where you asked me to land you.  This is the Valley of the Fallen Fires, the home of the Devil God of Kovin.”

Tidbit Tuesday, 12/17/13

Hello again, everyone!  As always, another week brings new insights into writing.  Also, I still hate adding tags to these posts.

That said, this week’s prompt is #85: “End.”  Enjoy!


“You seem to be mistaken about a few things, so I will educate you, all-knowing wierm.  There is no happiness without despair, no reason without insanity.  We cannot break our fates, and they will not save us, either.  Our choices matter so little we should choke on them.  My eyes are not gold, and there are no happy endings to our stories, any of them.  I can live with all of it, even when I die.”

The dragon watching him tittered, a nervous sound.  It coughed, wiping blood from its mouth.  “Your eyes… aren’t gold.”

Tidbit Tuesday, 11/12/13

Hello again, everyone!  Nanowrimo marches on, and I’m marching with it!  As I said before, all of the tidbits for the month of November will be from my Nano in-progress.

The prompt for this week is “Station”.  Enjoy!


“You were getting at something about her.  Spill.”

He settled back, gazing at both of them over his knuckles.  Crimson eyes spilled a ghastly light over pale skin, a reminder of his station.  “He knew her well enough that he feared what she would do when he died.  He also trusted that, in time, she would get over it.  Though no great mage, the man understood his wife.  If he thought she could make it after his loss, then I’m inclined to share in his belief.”

Tidbit Thursday, 10/31/13

Happy Halloween, folks!  Nanowrimo starts tomorrow, which means that you can be sure that the Tidbits for the month of November will be coming from that Nanovel!

Since it’s Halloween, the prompt for this week is “Flee”.  Enjoy!


Words, growls, the scrape of claws against stone, and the harsh exhalation of breath from monstrous lungs.  This was was he heard, his back pressed to a stone wall, his mind howling to his body not to breathe.  To breathe meant to die.

The claw clicked against the pillar that shielded his life, the shadow of goat’s horns stretching against the far wall.  He kept his body still, hand clenched over the wound in his arm.  The beast in the darkness was too damn fast for him to flee.

“Tell me, man who slicks and will slick and will slick for a while longer the floors of my god’s temple, the answer to my riddle.  I promise to only eat you when you tell me the wrong answer.”