The Travails of Packing

So on Monday (or thereabouts) we packed up the remainder of our bags to go on our way.  On Tuesday, we received our plane tickets and I checked out the weight restrictions on our airline.

50 pounds per bag (That’s like…23 kg for the folks in metric system sanity).  Any more and they slap you with 90$ rather than 25$.

So I haul out a bathroom scale and weigh everything out.  My bag, the big one, is 61 pounds.  Michael’s is 33.

Sigh.  I open up both bags, take stuff out, move it around, reset shoes, re-vacuum the vacuum bags, and generally drive myself crazy for a little while trying to even out the weight ratio.  Finally I have my bag at 50 even and his at something like 46.  Fabulous.  I now have four new bruises to show for banging myself around the hall and the bags and the so on.  But the airline won’t suddenly saddle us with a huge baggage fee “Or you could carry your stuff”.  (This is what happened last time >.<)

It occurs to me then that there is a corollary to writing here, and it could possibly be why I am such a grumpy editor.  Silly as the reason might have been (why did I try to pack my 1.5 pound metal flask?  I don’t know.  It’s shiny, I guess.) there is a reason that I write everything.  Even if it’s because I lost track of the fact that I had already used ‘however’ and added ‘but’ into the sentence when I decided that it would sound good, there is a reason.  Other reasons include that I don’t feel like I’ve exposed enough of the character’s feelings, so I’ll stick a paragraph of exposition and inner monologue where it really doesn’t belong.  Or I forgot a detail and so like a bad comic trying to insert the words which make the punch line make sense, I’ll sort of shove it into the scene willy nilly just to get it on paper.

But boy does it make me grumpy when I come back and find out that all my reasoning was junk, and I have to tear everything apart and re-arrange.  Mutter, mutter, I say, I already did all this!  I wrangle around my novel and gripe and grumble and moan about how much I hate editing.  And sometimes the darn thing is still too heavy so I’m forced to go in a trim some more stuff (which gets me more grumpy, which makes me sloppy, so I get more banged up).

However, I have to remind myself:  at the end of the road is the prize.  I get a shiny new draft, or a trip to another country with a job and friends all eagerly (so I’m given to believe, anyway :D) awaiting my return.

So here’s to editing my suitcase today, thank heavens it’s done.  We are ready for turkey day and prepared for take off!

Happy Thanksgiving all you USA type readers (and, really, anyone else).

Also: Congratulations to Chris Raabe on his great and well-received book launch party for The New Phenomenon!  They had already sold out of books by the time I got there, but I’ll try and pick it up on Kindle sometime!