Tidbit Thursday, 7/12/12

Hello, all!  Did I mention that you guys are awesome?  Cause, you know, you are.  I’ve been rather in a good state about writing this week and making some good progress, so I figured it was only right to share a little bit of that love.

I’m particularly glad that the RNG hit on Prompt #24 this time.  If you pick up a copy of Sleight of Spirit when it comes out, you might even see a scene very much like this. ;)  Thus, I hope that you enjoy “Human.”


“Thank you for telling me.  I’m sorry.”

“My sweet one, I understand.  You are merely human, after all.”

She only cried harder: not from the relief of forgiveness, but from the torment of his words.  ‘Merely human…’ echoed in her ears as she fell to sleep that night.

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