Bow Chick-a bow-wow…

Last time I had a few tips for getting your sex scene up to snuff.  I should mention that these tips aren’t in any particular order, and not just because I’m a lazy blogger who doesn’t really care to think about what order my tips come in.  Mostly it’s that you should be thinking about all of them before, during, and after writing.

Now, your first two tips were…

#1 Love is a Battlefield
#2 Have a Point Besides the Prick

In which I mentioned that writing sex is like writing a fight (I could have also named it ‘All’s fair in Love and War’ but I actually kinda like that song) and that you should usually write sex for a reason.

But say, what if you have a reason, but you’re not sure you can pull it off?  Well, then, I will contradict myself slightly.

#3 Practice Makes Perfect

After that first  scene (which is lost in the archives of the internet… thank heavens) I stopped writing sex.  And thus I never really improved until I joined one of the RP forums which I’ve talked about.

Now, RP is great for regular writing, but sometimes it can get a touch awkward when you’re cross playing someone of the opposite sex who winds up in bed with someone, who is played by someone who is the same sex as you.  (have some convolution, Batman.) Heck, RPing sex with someone you aren’t involved with at all, no matter how actually needed it is in whatever plot you’re working on, can get majorly awks, period.

Behold, the patron saint of awkwardness.

Now, it’s not that RPing sex (it’s not quite the same as cybering, guys, though they’re very similar) isn’t helpful; in fact, if you’re looking to work on your erotica, grab your significant other and give it a try.  Hell, you do it in real life, trying it in writing can only be a good thing, right?

But maybe you have no comfortable writing partner or SO.  No prob.  Going it on your own is a great learning experience as well, but since you want to work on your sex writing, write sex.  You can get your foreplay on, make up a reason or two, and have at it, but just do it.

As I mentioned in the last post, I lost a bet.  Yeah, it was silly, but I wouldn’t have offered that particular bet if I hadn’t wanted to have an excuse to work on my smut anyway.  That facet of my writing was weak, I wanted a touch of hilarity, he wanted a lemon.  Everybody won.  So go out, make a bet, make a resolution, roll the dice and hit it off.  Practice your smut, and be joyful.

#4 A Sex Scene is Still a Scene

Here is a loose definition of a scene.  It is a bit of text that can be anywhere from a few sentences to a few pages.  It has a beginning, rising action, climax, and falling action.

And now you are back in elementary English class.

Unless you are intentionally coming into the middle of a sex scene, give it all the attention it deserves.  Make sure it has a firm beginning and rising action.  Answer the questions.  Foreplay?  Yes – fabulous beginning, hooray for your characters getting some sexy time.  No?  Why not?  Do they not have time?  Rising actions: is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Are they hot, or is this a total dud and they’re regretting whatever made them go home with this person anyway?

The climax doesn’t have to be a climax, guys, but it absolutely needs to be there.  Hell, you don’t have to mention climax, but you sure as hell better punch the climax, or your readers are going to be like “Er, that was great, and I need a cigarette, but..why?”  For instance, you can totally pass over the climax of the man, but when he realizes “Oh shit.  I’m in love with this chick” we’d better hear it loud and clear.

But then again, maybe you want to be nice to your characters, and throw them a bone.  Ha.  Haha.

We’ll round out with that for today, and be back later with another few tips.  We’re still only on #4 out of 10!

About Kaitlin

Kaitlin and Michael are co-authors of The Athele Series. They met in summer of 2006 and married in fall of 2009. They both teach English in South Korea. In his free time, Michael writes, plays video games, plays DnD, and idly contemplates world domination. In her free time, Kaitlin writes, runs, dances, and feeds her 'oo-shiny!' complex.

10 thoughts on “Bow Chick-a bow-wow…

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  3. epbeaumont says:

    Humor and sex… winning combination. (As an aside, my favorite challenge is to write a piece that’s simultaneously humor and erotica, and works as both.)

    Oh yes, and ‘a sex scene is still a scene’… which means characters have to be in character. Yes.

    Another great installment in this series, and I am on to the next…

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  5. C.D. Hersh says:

    Interesting blog. I have to say I’ve never really thought of the sex scene with the classic scene arc, but it works.

    • Kaitlin says:

      It’s amazing how simple a connection it is, and how easily it’s missed. I managed to resist the rising action joke…but resisting the climax joke was just impossible.

  6. Love this. On the side I write romance and erotic fiction. Both have helped me work through some of this, with out the need to RP… I hope. Gah, I would think that would be terribly awkward. I like to think I’m okay at it, and my editor/friend seems to think I do an okay time, but this gave me some great ideas. Thanks!

    • Kaitlin says:

      Depends on who the RP is with. I mean, if you’re having sex with them in real life, who cares? XD Other than people who REALLY don’t understand the difficulty of writing. But lacking that, yeah, gets REAL awkward. You’re totally welcome!

  7. The captions today KILLED! I was laughing so much I snorted and then got my husband interested in what I was reading!

    Very nicely written yet again! I love the puns and nuances!

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